US: Feb 16 - March 12, 2012; UK: AUTUMN 2012 


That Expletives-Deleted Cellphone!” and other Inspirational Ditties


Once a silent monk, Echoes coordinator Paul Baker Hernandez was thrown out of his Trappist monastery for secretly making a guitar from a toilet seat and other recycled oddments. 40 years on, the reincarnated toilet has led him to invade queen's castles over nuclear weapons (heading up a posse of bishops), sing protest songs to popes, join Jackson Browne and Martin Sheen on Central American picket lines, and help fight off death squads attacking Salvadoran exiles in Los Angeles.

   He now lives in Nicaragua where he has founded Echoes of Silence (artists with broken nails) to work in fair trade, community and eco-projects - and to make up irreverent songs about cellphones, dictators, and even Starbucks.


With his unusual blend of humor, practical experience and beautifully powerful music, Paul is currently preparing a renewed tour of the USA. For fuller information please visit Tours, and to make bookings, please contact Echoes of Silence directly at: