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Don Felipe Urrutia - Nicaraguan legend


·        In our barrio La Primavera many impoverished* people are forced to 'live' on US$1.00 a day (an egg, some sugar, a cup of coffee, half a cup rice and beans, couple of tortillas, cold drink).


·        The Echoes of Silence team lives in the barrio to share their lives and to work beside them; so our home also serves as clinic and office. Because this keeps overheads very low, and thanks to people like you, we can offer all services to the community free. With income cut by 1/3 by the criminal northern bankers, we need your support to continue to:


  • host and staff a first-call medical post
  • organize barrio vaccination drives
  • offer trainings in health, women's rights, dance, crafts, food gardens, recycling, and more.
  • offer assistance to local schools, including providing recycled computers and tools
  • offer practical programs to absorb surface water, so eradicating malarial mosquitoes
  • organize international work brigades to learn from, and work with, barrio folks on ecological projects and on community culture, dance and revolutionary song.
  • organize international tree-planting brigades both locally and in the desertified North
  • support local community campaigns and events with live music and sound equipment
  • make links with US/UK communities for our barrio and for other communities
  • offer regular news and analysis to the wider world and in the Nicaraguan news media

            {* 'impoverished', not 'poor'. They are constantly being-made-poor by ongoing northern exploitation}


For just a dollar a day you can support all the above. Please consider setting up a regular monthly donation

via your bank. Print out and sign the form below. Don't delay, you know what happens!

For banking information and to donate online

please go to http://peaceworks.ning.com/group/echoesofsilence


PeaceWorks is our 501/c/3 partner organization in the US, thus all donations are tax-deductible.


  • Further - as “artists with broken fingernails” - Echoes co-coordinator(s) make regular music/speaking tours to the US/UK: to find project support; to inform people about the current situation in Nicaragua and Latin America; and to promote a sustainable, just and beautiful way of life for all people on earth. These tours are self-sustaining, but your help enables us to pay fares up front, thus cutting costs even further.




To ________________________________ your bank


Please set up a standing order of US$ ____ to PeaceWorks to be paid monthly/weekly (delete one)

(if monthly please pay on the 20th day of each month) until further instruction. Thank you.


NAME: _______________________________________


ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________________________



   Echoes of Silence is a network of volunteers who work together on an ad hoc basis. It is coordinated by wife/husband team, Fátima Hernández and Paul Baker.  Born into the barrio, Fátima fought with the guerrillas to rid Nicaragua of the vicious Somoza dictatorship, and, as an 'outstanding worker' has served as an unpaid organizer within the Nicaraguan Community Movement for over 30 years. The Movement itself was awarded the 2009 UNESCO Population Prize.

   Paul, songwriter/author/organizer, has worked with solidarity groups throughout the Americas and Britain since 1970.  Before Echoes he served as in-country worker for the US and UK national solidarity organizations, the Nicaragua Network and the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign. As a singer, he specializes in the songs of the great Chilean singer/songwriter, Víctor Jara, martyred during the Pinochet coup of 11th September, 1973 but still singing. Paul's versions in singable English have been called, "a wonderfully poetic way to share their beauty and passion with those who, like myself, struggle with Spanish."  (Doug Adrianson, former cultural editor, LA Times)


For fuller information, and to book presentations,

please visit: http://echoesofsilence-ecosdelsilencio.pbwiki.com 

and/or write to: echoespaul@tortillaconsal.com

phone Nicaragua (505) 84 43 23 04 (cel)/(505) 22 49 09 79 (conv)


Thank you. We hope your own work goes well.







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